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Welcome to LifePlan - The BBC's defined contribution plan.

This site contains information about using LifePlan for additional contributions for BBC Pension Scheme (the Scheme) members.

A short video giving an overview of LifePlan is available, and you can also now use the eValuate retirement planning tool to get an idea of how much you may receive when you retire.

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Why join LifePlan?

  • Using LifePlan could be one of the most effective ways to help you save additional money to fund the lifestyle you want in your retirement.

  • Making regular Smart contributions to LifePlan will help you build a separate fund for retirement in addition to the Scheme.

  • You will receive valuable tax benefits and National Insurance savings on your contributions.

  • The sooner you start, the easier it will be to invest for a more comfortable retirement.

  • For members of the Career Average Benefit (CAB 2011) section of the Scheme, the BBC will match certain LifePlan contributions.


People like me

Beth is 48 and joined the scheme later in life.

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Simon is 33 and is hoping to retire before 65.

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