Finding lost customers ('Our Friends')

At Friends Life we are committed to finding customers we have lost contact with, so that we can keep them informed regarding key events and information on the policies they have with us.

The most common reason why we lose contact with our customers is because they often forget they have saving and investments with us and as a result when they move home they do not notify us.

Our goal is to re-establish contact with every customer when policy information issued is returned to us by the Royal Mail as either 'Gone Away' or 'Return to Sender'.

For this reason you may have recently received a letter from us asking you to verify personal and address details. Your response to this letter is important to us as we will be able to re-establish contact with you and make sure that the information we hold for you is correct and up to date.

In order that we can validate your personal details and your current address will you please follow the instructions in the letter you have received or use the internet link below, which will take you to our on-line verification website.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please contact us on 0800 121 7634.